This graph shows the distribution of the expenses that are required to run this charter school on a day-to-day basis. Only school operating expenses are displayed here; for example, the percentage of a charter school’s budget that is used to pay salaries and benefits to teachers and other staff members, the percentage of the charter school’s budget that is used to buy purchased services (such as professional development programs for teachers), and so on.

Generally, state and federal education dollars are spent in specified areas or on specific programs since those funds are "earmarked" by requirements made through various laws. Local funds are typically more flexible and are often tailored to the specific interests and needs of local schools and communities.

For more information about the way funds are spent in your charter school, contact your charter school’s principal. For information about the budget categories used in this table and other technical information about the data displayed here, see the Data Sources & Information Guide.

Use of Funds

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