This table can be used to compare the performance of different student groups on the state End-of-Grade tests. Keep in mind that these numbers report only the percentage of students in each group who received scores of Achievement Level 3 or above on BOTH the reading and math tests. If a student took only one of the two tests or if he/she passed only one of the two tests, his/her score is not included here.

North Carolina is working hard to eliminate performance differences between the groups of students listed in this table. Check this table for large differences in the percentages of students performing at or above grade level across the groups shown. Do some groups have significantly fewer students passing than others? Your school's overall performance depends partly on closing these "gaps" in achievement between groups of students. Your school's principal can discuss the measures the school is taking to close those gaps and what you might be able to do to help.

It also might be useful to view student performance grouped by gender, race/ethnicity and other factors at each of the four performance levels (Levels I - IV) by clicking on the triangle symbol beneath this table. Use these tables to see how many students in your school are above grade level and really excelling, or to see what percentage of students are just below passing and may need extra assistance to reach grade level. If you are interested in a comprehensive view of student performance, talk to your school principal about other measures of student learning: student grades, portfolios of work, special projects, honor roll membership, and school performances in academic competitions like math clubs or science fairs. Complete detailed achievement level results for each End-of-Grade test are available in the on the NC Department of Public Instruction's Accountability Services website.

Please note that the percentages appearing in this table will not total 100 percent across each row. Whenever there are fewer than five student scores in a category, a percentage is not reported so that student test results remain anonymous. Instead, an N/A (not available) appears in place of the percentage. Also to protect student privacy, any percentage that is higher than 95 appears as >95%, and any percentage that is lower than 5 appears as <5%.

For more technical information about these data, please see the Data Sources & Information Guide.

Performance of Student Groups-Additional Information

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