North Carolina’s ESEA Flexibility Request provides the State with waivers to certain provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). As part of its differentiated recognition, accountability, and support system, NC has identified a list of schools as Reward, Focus, and Priority. Reward Schools are schools that have demonstrated high student achievement or high student progress over a number of years. Districts with schools identified as Focus and Priority must implement interventions to assist at-risk students in meeting the State’s high academic achievement standards and graduate students on time.

For more information about ESEA Flexibility, please see the ESEA Flexibility website.

All Title I schools are entitled to technical assistance from the state as part of the Statewide System of Support. Technical assistance focuses in such areas as: best teaching practices, data analysis, classroom management, cultural competency, and curriculum alignment. In school systems or regions with a large number of Title I schools or schools identified as Focus or Priority schools, regional training for administrators in such areas as instructional monitoring and data analysis is available. Support for schools and districts is coordinated through Strategic, Agency, and Regional Roundtables.

More detailed information is available on the NC Department of Public Instruction’s ESEA Flexibility website.

ESEA School Status-Additional Information

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